Notes on the site

About the project

This site takes the research and writing of Gerald Cinamon from its original form, as a manuscript intended for print, and transforms it into a form suitable for the web.

In approaching this we’ve tried to preserve the original text, while inferring and adding data and metadata by marking up and processing the original source documents. The original source documents were written with an eye on the space constraints that print production of a reference work impose. Wherever possible we’ve sought to expand the presentation of the text to make better use of the uncompressed nature of the web. For example, we’ve transformed the source’s space-compressed lists of bibliographic references into HTML lists.

This process is inevitably imperfect, and we’re working our way through the entries looking for problems: If you spot any, please let us know. We’ll be transforming implied cross-references between entries into explicit links, extracting date information, and expanding abbreviated bibliographic references over the coming weeks.

About the developer

Matt Patterson is a developer based in Cologne. Before his move to Germany he was one of the founder members of the development team at the UK's Government Digital Service, working on the Alpha and Beta releases of He originally trained as a Typographer.


Alex Butterworth (Amblr) brought Matt and Jerry together, and recruited Jane Connolly to the task of marking up the text.