Die Sechs (The Six)


A group of six Munich poster artists, who in 1914 formed a collective advertising agency of that name: Franz Paul Glass (1886-1964), F. Leonhard Heubner (1886-1974), Carl Moos (1878-1959), Emil Preetorius (1883-1974), Max Schwarzer (1882-1955) and Valentin Zietara (1883-1935). All had designed for, or were still working for, the journals Jugend and Simplicissimus. Their first group exhibition took place in 1914, co-inciding with the announcement of the formation of the agency in the Yearbook of the Deutscher Werkbund. The Zurich exh. cat . of 1915 (see below) contains brief autobiographies of the original six. The association was revived in 1924 but only Glass and Zietara remained; the others were Hans Ibe, Max Eschle, Otto Ottler and Tommi Parzinger.

Writings about

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  • Kunstgewerbemuseum, Zurich, 1915.