Ernest Ullmann


Sculpture, book designs, illustrations, exhibitions, interior design. Jewish. Born 21 September 1900 in Munich. Studied at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts; later studied philosophy and art history at the University of Munich. 1920-27: art editor and illustrator for the journal Auslandpost. c1925: founder and art director of tapestry weaving company. 1927-35: Art director and designer for Wertheim Group (Berlin), Globushaus (Berlin), and the Mitropa-Zeitung, Berlin. 1927-34: designed government exhibitions. Early 1930s: designed Lufthansa posters (see AfB, 1930, p. 19). 1935: emigrated to South Africa. 1936: won Empire Exhibition poster competition; designed publicity for South African railway. 1938-45: art editor of the journal Forum; freelance industrial designer. 1950s-1960s: designed exhibition pavilions for government departments.Died 1975 in Johannesburg.

Writings by

  • Designs on Life (autobiography), Capetown, 1970.

Writings about

  • H.K. Frenzel, ‘Deutsche Lufthansa, Berlin’, Gebrauchsgraphik (International Advertising Art), Berlin: Phönix Illustrationsdruck und Verlag GmbH (later: ‘Gebrauchsgraphik’ Druck und Verlag GmbH), 1933-71. Published from Munich from 1950., July 1935, pp. 36-41, esp. p. 41
  • International Biographical Dictionary of Central European Emigrés 1933-45, Munich, New York, London, Paris: K.G. Saur, 1983., 1983.


  • Wiesbaden, 1920 (group)
  • Capetown, 1952
  • City Gallery, Johannesburg, 1956
  • Johannesburg, 1960
  • Pretoria, 1966
  • Yad Vashem, Jerusalem (sculpture).