Fritz Eichenberg


Illustration, wood engraving. Jewish. Born 24 October 1901 in Cologne. First worked in advertising studio of the department store Tietz, then for the publisher DuMont-Schauberg, Cologne. 1921-3: studied at the Cologne Kunstgewerbeschule, then at the Leipzig Akademie für graphische Künste und Buchgewerbe: a teacher was Hugo Steiner-Prag. 1923: moved to Berlin to work as an ‘artist-reporter’ for the publisher Ullstein. 1932/3: sent on an assignment to Central America as an artist-correspondent, he travelled back to Europe via Chicago and New York which he liked so much that he returned to Germany only to get his family. From 1933: in the USA he quickly established a reputation as a fine illustrator while working for publishers such as the Limited Editions Club and Heritage Books. 1935-45: taught book illustration at the New School for Social Research. 1940: joined the Quakers. 1944: awarded Joseph Pennell Medal. From 1947: taught at the Pratt Institute (from 1956: chairman of the graphic arts department). Founded the Pratt Graphic Center. Later founded the Adlib Press and the annual journal for printmakers and collectors Artists’ Proof in which he wrote numerous articles. 1949-84: drew illustrations for Dorothy Day’s Catholic Worker. 1966-71: chairman of the art department, University of Rhode Island. Served on boards of the AIGA and the Society of American Graphic Arts. His publishing clients included Random House, the Limited Editions Club, the Heritage Club. Received numerous honorary degrees. Died 30 November 1990 in Peace Dale, Rhode Island.

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