Gotthard de Beauclair


Typographer, book designer, publisher, poet. Born 24 July 1907 in Ascona, Switzerland; his parents both painters. Lived in Darmstadt from 1920. His uncle was Christian Heinrich Kleukens who brought him to the attention of Rudolf Koch at Offenbach a.M. 1923-5: while attending the Werkkunstschule, de Beauclair apprenticed as compositor (April 1923-April 1926) in Koch’s famed workshop, then became one of Koch’s assistants while continuing his apprenticeship as compositor (1925-8) at the nearby Gebr. Klingspor typefoundry. 1928: Beauclair moved to Leipzig where he worked briefly for Ernst Kellner at the Offizin Haag-Drugulin. 1928-45: editor and artistic director of Insel-Verlag under Anton Kippenberg, responsible for the high standards of the enormous Insel output.

‘When the end of the war finally came and the Americans had entered Leipzig, which had been destroyed by heavy bombing, a few publishing houses were able to move to West Germany, thanks mainly to the assistance of the American arts officer [Kulturoffizier] Dr Lehmann-Haupt [Professor of Book Arts, Columbia University]. Kippenberg wanted Beauclair to remain but when Kippenberg moved to Marburg and it became clear that the Russians would soon be taking over, Beauclair decided to leave for the West. In summer 1945 he fled across the so-called Green Line, leaving behind all his possessions in the Teutoburger Forest.’ (Greisner, 1988, pp. 247-8)

‘The year is 1945, Germany defeated, Leipzig largely destroyed, the great edifice of the German book trade in a state of chaos and dissolution. Beauclair escapes into the British Zone with a single suitcase. He recounts with deep emotion and humility how, while he was still completely stunned and starving and ill, the first sign of an old friendship was a food parcel from his one-time fellow-student Henri Friedländer, who had undergone even worse sufferings in German-occupied Holland.’ (Schmoller, 1961)

1946: went to West Germany, working as book designer at Scherpe-Verlag, Krefeld. From 1951: artistic director of the D. Stempel AG typefoundry, Frankfurt am Main, and, in the same year founded the Trajanus-Presse (1951-68), the firm’s in-house private press, of which he was the first director. During Beauclair’s time at Stempel, the foundry issued many great types such as Hermann Zapf’s Palatino, Aldus and Optima, and Jan Tschichold’s Sabon. 1951-62: typographical director, later publishing director, of Insel Verlag, Wiesbaden, and (later) at Frankfurt. 1959: left Stempel to devote more time to Insel but continued to work until 1968 on Trajanus-Presse books. April 1962: founded Verlag Ars librorum Gotthard de Beauclair to publish fine editions. Freelance work for the publishers Propyläen and Büchergilde Gutenberg, Frankfurt. 1966: founded Edition de Beauclair to produce original prints. From 1972: lived in south of France. Awarded Gold medal, Paris International Exhibition, 1937; Milan Triennale, 1954; International Award, Ipex, London, 1963; Gold medal, International Book Arts Exhibition, Leipzig, 1965. Died 31 March 1992 in Freiburg.

‘…Beauclair is an outstanding master of the literary and graphic mise en scène … .Combining common sense, quiet good taste…, with an immense knowledge of all typographical and production disciplines, he designs books which seem to present the inevitable solution of each problem.’ (Schmoller, 1961) ‘When the history of our century and also the history of the book arts comes to be written…two names are sure to be included: Jan Tschichold, creative typographer, and Gotthard de Beauclair, the unequalled director of books of perfection.’ (G. Ramseger, 1992)

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