Hanns Hoffmann-Lederer


Publicity, posters. Born 3 February 1899 in Jena. 1919-24: studied at the Staatliche Kunstschule and Staaltliche Bauhaus, Weimar; teachers included Johannes Itten, Kandinsky, Josef Albers. By 1930: With his wife Mila Hoffmann-Lederer designed publicity for the City of Magdeburg. Until 1933: worked for structural engineers, Magdeburg. From 1943: taught at the art school, Posen. 1945-50: taught at the Staatliche Hochschule für Baukunst und bildende Künste, Weimar. 1950-63: taught at the Werkkunstschule, Darmstadt. 1964-70: freelance in Achberg. 1957: awarded gold medal at Triennale. Died 1970 in Achberg.

Writings about

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