Hans-Joachim Buchmann


Publicity. Born 8 January 1905 in Berlin. Early training in decorative painting, then in free and applied graphic art in Munich: a teacher was Karl Blocherer. After further studies at the Berlin Akademie and the Kunstgewerbe- und Handwerkerschule, he designed publicity for industrial firms. Military service followed by period as prisoner-of-war ; settled in Bremen. From 1945: resumed designing publicity for industrial firms. 1948: founded ‘Landesgruppe Bremen’ section of BDG of which he was chairman for 6 years. Died 14 November 1981 in Oldenburg.

Writings about

  • Allgemeines Künstlerlexikon, Munich/Leipzig: K.G. Saur Verlag, 1990-., 1997.
  • brief biography, Gebrauchsgraphik (International Advertising Art), Berlin: Phönix Illustrationsdruck und Verlag GmbH (later: ‘Gebrauchsgraphik’ Druck und Verlag GmbH), 1933-71. Published from Munich from 1950., April 1954, p. 55