Hein Neuner


Publicity, posters. Born 17 July 1910 in Schweinheim. Brother of Hannes Neuner. 1930-32: studied at the Bauhaus, Dessau, where his teachers included Josef Albers and Kandinsky, and at the Städelschule, Frankfurt a.M. 1932-3: worked with Moholy-Nagy in Berlin, then freelance. 1935-40: freelance designer in Berlin (to 1937 with his brother). 1930s: his illustrations used for covers of die neue linie, Elegante Welt, and posters for the German National railway.. 1940-45: war service as illustrator. 1945-50: freelance painter and designer in Lauenstein near Hannover; designed posters and publicity. 1950-56: art director in a Hamburg advertising agency. 1956-64: had his own design studio in Hamburg, then in Stuttgart. Died September 1984 in Hamburg.

Writings about

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