Oda Weitbrecht


Born 21 November 1900, daughter of a Hamburg bookseller. 1921: trainee in production department of the Potsdam publisher Gustav Kiepenheuer. 1923: director of production. April 1924: founded in Potsdam the Presse Oda Weitbrecht (1924-9) as part of Gustav Kiepenheuer Verlag. 1927: returned to Hamburg and married Siegfried Buchenau. She ran the Presse Oda Weitbrecht from Bergstrasse 26, Hamburg, publishing, among others, Alfred Döblin and Rilke. Twenty-three titles were published in limited editions from 10-300 copies. Willy Wiegand, in an article in an English journal, wrote that she was ‘The only woman in Germany who does her printing entirely herself.’ 1966: Editor of the Imprimatur Register (Index of articles 1930-64). Died 1988 in Hamburg.

Writings by

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Writings about

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