Paul Stadlinger


Typographer, book designer, architect. Trained first as architect and, indeed, described himself as an architect even while designing books, book jackets and advertisements and working as artistic advisor to a large printing firm in Berlin. His publishing clients included Scherl and Paul Parey, both of Berlin, and H. Bruckmann, Munich. 1967: living in Bad Godesberg.

Writings by

    ‘A new book style’, Commercial Art and Industry, 1935, XVIII, pp. 128-39.

Writings about

    Winfried Wendland, ‘Verfasser, Grafiker und Verlag’, Die Form, 1934, v. 2/3, pp. 74-9
  • ‘P. Stadlinger’, Gebrauchsgraphik (International Advertising Art), Berlin: Phönix Illustrationsdruck und Verlag GmbH (later: ‘Gebrauchsgraphik’ Druck und Verlag GmbH), 1933-71. Published from Munich from 1950., Jan. 1935, pp. 10-17.