Ernst von Dombrowski


Woodcuts, writer. Austrian. Born 12 September 1896 in Emmersdorf/Donau (near Melk, Austria). Studied at the Graz Landeskunstschule, then at the Vienna Academy. From 1914: military service. 1923: opens a studio in Berlin. From 1924: living in Graz. 1934: began wood engraving (over 2,000 done during his lifetime). 1935-8: historical portraits. His works of illustrations, maxims, quotations of Hitler published in Ewiges Deutschland. 1938-41: taught graphics at Munich Akademie für angewandte Kunst. From 1938: in charge of the cultural services of the NSDAP in Styria. 1941: military service on the eastern front. 1943: his studio destroyed by Allied bombing.

1945-7: captured by the Americans; interned at the Marcus W. Orr camp at Glasenbach, near Salzburg. He later wrote: ‘I don’t want to complain about that time, even though it took a heavy toll on my health. Anyone who has been held captive by any power, wherever it may be, has been able to achieve something simply by surviving it. For me those two years of reflection did me a great deal of good.’

1948: moved to Siegsdorf, Upper Bavaria. He illustrated over 35 books with woodcuts/engravings. 1959: awarded the Erzherzog Johann Medal and the Wappenadler of the city of Krems. 1971: awarded the Rosegger Prize. December 1983: awarded the Grand Cross of Merit of the Republic of Austria. Died 14 June 1985 at Siegsdorf.

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  • Graphisches Kabinett, Berlin, 1940
  • Vienna, 1943
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  • Salzburg, 1983
  • Blutenberg Castle, Munich-Obermenzing, 1984.


  • City of Graz, and the Heimatmuseum, Traunstein.