Franz Wischnewski


Posters, photography. Born 1920 in Danzig. Studied 2 years at the Munich Kunstgewerbeschule. Early training in printing firm. 1940?-45: military service, then prisoner of war for 2 years in USA where he worked on camp newspapers. 1945: returned to Germany; lived in Munich. Worked on newspapers, designed exhibition stands for industrial fairs.

Writings about

  • Vollmer, 1961.
  • Ludwig Ebenhöh, ‘Franz Wischnewski’, Gebrauchsgraphik (International Advertising Art), Berlin: Phönix Illustrationsdruck und Verlag GmbH (later: ‘Gebrauchsgraphik’ Druck und Verlag GmbH), 1933-71. Published from Munich from 1950., Sept. 1955, pp. 10-17