Jens Witt


Born 7 November 1921 in Hamburg. 1936-40: trained as a naval engineer. 1946-8: studied at Hamburg Landeskunstschule and for a short time at the Düsseldorf Akademie für bildenden Künste where his instructors included Alfred Mahlau , Edwin Scharff and Gerhard Marcks. 1953: began working for many years with a Wiesbaden printer/bookbinder which gave him the expertise to found his own press, the Jens Witt Presse, in 1982.

Writings about

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  • D. Lemhoefer, ‘Jens Witt 70 Jahre alt’, Illustration 63, Nov. 1991, pp. 82-8 (includes continuation of earler bibliography of the Presse, 1986-91).


  • Klingspor Museum, Offenbach a.M. , 1991.