Fritz Lometsch


Trademarks, lettering, illustration, book covers, textiles. Born Friedrich Karl Ernst Paul Lometsch 21 November 1900 in Kassel, son of a book dealer. 1919-20: studied at the Kunstgewerbeschule, Kassell. 1920-21: student of the typography/lettering class at the Leipzig Akademie der Graphischen Künste: teachers included Walter Tiemann and Hugo Steiner-Prag. From 1925: worked especially for the publishers Chr. Kaiser in Munich and Furche in Berlin. Founded the Ankerpresse, a private press and, with the aid of his printer Eduard Kurbjuhn, published a number of charming books which were much influenced by the work of Rudolf Koch and his son Paul Koch. 1943: house and press destroyed. In 1961 he was Editor of the Friedrich Lometsch Verlag, Kassel. In 1975 his company was called Lometsch Buch und Kunst.

Writings by

  • Wanderbuch meines Lebens, Göttingen: Goltze, 1975.

Writings about

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