George S. Salter


Calligraphy, typography, book and jacket designs, logos, stage sets. Jewish. Born 5 October 1897 in Bremen. 1897-8: parents converted to Lutheranism. 1917-18: military service (cartographer). 1919-21: studied at the Kunstgewerbe- und Handwerkschule at Berlin-Charlottenburg: his teachers included Ewald Dülberg ( or Dühling? ) and Harold Bengen. 1920-27: scene painter, later scenic designer at the Berlin Staatstheater, later at Berliner Volksoper and Stadttheater Barmen-Elberfeld ( or Eberfeld? ) where he worked on over 100 productions (revues, operas, operettas). 1927-34: returning to Berlin he abandoned stage design and turned to typography and lettering, working for numerous progressive Berlin publishers including S. Fischer, Gustav Kiepenheuer, Erich Reiss, Die Schmiede and Klinkhardt & Biermann. 1931: hired by Georg Trump as Head of Applied Graphics and Commercial Art at the Berlin Städtische Kunstschule. March 1933: dismissed from his post by the Nazis because of his Jewish background; moved to Baden-Baden. November 1934: emigrated to New York city, sponsored by his brother Stefan Salter (who had been in the USA from 1928) and possibly with the support of the HIAS (Hebrew Sheltering and Immigrant Aid Society). He eventually became one of the country’s leading letterers and designers, working for numerous major publishers including the Limited Editions Club, Viking Press and especially Alfred A. Knopf. 1935-6: on recommendation of Dr Lehmann-Haupt (Professor of Book Arts, Columbia Univ.), Salter taught classes in design at the School of Library Service, Columbia University. 1936-67: taught classes in calligraphy, book design and illustration at Cooper Union art school. 1939-58: art director of Mercury Publications. 1947: formed Book Jacket Designers Guild. 1950-51: taught at New York University. His students included Phil Grushkin, Jeanyee Wong, Miriam Woods, Milton Glaser. Salter designed trademarks for Time-Life Records, Columbia University, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. His typeface Flex was issued in 1937 by the Amsterdam Typefoundry. From 1960: art director of the journal Atlas. ‘Salter designed some 6000 bookjackets in 30 years.’ (G.K. Schauer, Philobiblon, 1978, p. 13) Died 31 October 1967 in New York. His brother Stefan was also a book designer.

‘Amidst surrounding blatancy, George’s designs spoke in eloquent sotto voce , with bright colors as a foil.’ (Skaggs)

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