Heinz Rasch


Born 15 February 1902 in Charlottenburg. From 1916: studied at the Kunstgewerbeschule, Bromberg. 1920-23: studied architecture at the Technische Hochschule Hannover, and Stuttgart. 1922-30: with brother Bodo, produced, edited and designed publications on exhibitions, architecture, interior design. 1925: art director of the journal Die Baugilde. 1926-30: architectural practice in Stuttgart with brother Bodo. 1930: moved to Berlin. 1933: moved to Wuppertal. 1935-45: advertising director of Lackfabrik Kurt Herberts & Co., Wuppertal; fellow-workers there included Willy Baumeister and Oskar Schlemmer. 1996: died in Wuppertal.

Writings by

  • (with Bodo Rasch) Wie Bauen?, 1927, and Wie Bauen?, 1928, both Stuttgart: Wedekind
  • (with Bodo Rasch) Der Stuhl (chair exh.), 1928 (facs. ed.: Stuttgart: Akademischer Verlag, Wedekind, 1992)
  • (with Bodo Rasch) Gefesselter Blick (brief illustrated studies of the work of contemporary designers: Max Bill, Walter Dexel, Kurt Schwitters, Rasch brothers (pp. 73-6)and many others), Stuttgart: Zaugg, 1930 (repr. Baden, Switzerland: Müller, 1996)
  • Zu – Offen, Stuttgart: Wedekind, 1930
  • Brüder Rasch: Material, Konstruktion, Form, 1926-30, Düsseldorf: Marzona, 1981 (biographies, bibliography
  • in English and German).

Writings about

  • JA, 2000, esp. pp. 160-61
  • www.werkbundarchiv-berlin.de.