Helmut Salden


Typography, typeface designs, lettering, logos, packaging. Born Helmut Otto Michaël Salden 20 February 1910 in Essen. 1928-30: studied at the Folkwangschule für Gestaltung, Essen (where he later taught photography): teachers included Max Burchartz (photography) and Wilhelm Poetter (calligraphy). 1933: teaching career ended when dismissed by the Nazis. 1934: left Germany and traveled to Paris and Mallorca.

( exh . pamphlet, 1966, and Salden, 2003; see below)

1937: arrested in Spain for being part of the Resistance and deported to Germany; escaped to Switzerland and fled to the Netherlands where he then settled. Worked for a brief time as assistant to Piet Zwart. Designed covers for the literary magazine De Vrije Bladen (The Free Journals) for the Hague publisher A.A.M. Stols, for which he did much work. 1942: arrested by the Nazis. 1942-5: spent some time in concentration camps in Holland and Germany. 1945: freed by the Russians. 1946: returned to Holland where he played an important role in postwar Dutch graphic design. 1949 and 1952: awarded Dutch National Prize; 1953 (or 1954) awarded Hendrik-Nicolaas-Werkman Prize of the City of Amsterdam. Died 2 January 1996.

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