Moritz Spitzer


Jewish. Born 8 July 1900 in Boskowitz, Moravia. Studied Humanities at universities of Vienna and Kiel, specializing in old Indian languages. From 1932: Martin Buber’s assistant in translating the Hebrew Bible into German, and in Buber’s public and scientific work. Later, reader, editor and manager at the Berlin publisher Schocken where he learned high standards of composition and production. Early 1939: emigrated to Palestine; founder of Tarshish Press in Jerusalem, 1939, where from 1940-65 he designed and published books. His productions, notably a collection of mediaeval Hebrew love poetry, brought him to the attention of Oliver Simon of the Curwen Press, London, via the interest of Harry Carter, of the Oxford University Press, then stationed in Jerusalem. 1945-6: in charge of the publications department of the Jewish Agency. Founded the Hadassah printing school and was later instrumental in bringing Henri Friedlaender from Holland to head the school. Established a short-lived foundry for Hebrew type, where he designed the typeface Hatzevi, and was founder of Tarshish Books, and publisher for the Bialik Institute. Designed and supervised the production of the first publications about the Dead Sea Scrolls. 1969: served on the international jury at the Sao Paulo Biennale; consultant to government agencies. Translated Beatrice Warde’s The Crystal Goblet into Hebrew. 1972: awarded the Freedom of Jerusalem. Died 16 November 1982.

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