Otto Flechtner


Posters, caricatures. Born 2 August 1881 in Weissenfels. 1904-12: studied at the Munich Akademie: a teacher was Wilhelm von Diez. From 1910: member of the Munich art group Die Gilde. Military service. Regular contributor to the journals Fliegende Blätter, Jugend and Simplicissimus. ‘Member of the NSDAP during the Weimar Republic (after 1933 SA-Sturmführer and Ortsgruppenleiter of the NSDAP). Becomes one of the main caricaturists for the newspaper Die Brennessel, first published on 1 January 1931 by the NSDAP…’. (MGD, 1992) Flechtner also contributed to Völkischen Beobachter and other NSDAP publications. His fresco appeared in the Munich exhibition ‘Die Strasse’. Died 2 November 1952 in Utting am Ammersee.

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