Willy Fleckhaus


Books, jackets, magazines. Born 21 December 1925 in Velbert. From 1944: military service in Wehrmacht. Oct. 1944-Oct. 1945: prisoner-of-war in northern Italy. During his captivity he learned that the nuns at a nearby convent had a printing press; the British gave him the paper, and Fleckhaus was able to print a small book of poetry, his first effort at design and printing. 1950-53: editor of teen-age magazine Aufwärts, Cologne (1952: art director). 1956-76: designer of ‘photokina’ exhibition. 1959-71: art director of twen, which brought him international fame through his bold use of photography and typography (Gold Medal, Art Directors Club of New York). From 1959: designed for publishers Suhrkamp and Insel. From 1974: taught at Essen University then, from 1981 at Bergische University, Wuppertal. 1981-3: founder and art director of weekly Frankfurter Allgemeine Magazin (FAZ) for which he won numerous awards. Designed for Mercedes-Benz, German Post Office. Numerous design awards for his innovative typography and layout. Died 12 September 1983 in Castelfranco di Sopra, Italy. 1987: elected to Art Directors Club of New York Hall of Fame. ‘Fleckhaus was probably the most influential book and magazine designer in post-war Germany.’ (Eye, p. 24)

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